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  There was held an English knowledge contest about "Oriental Contribution to the World Civilization" devoted to the 90th anniversary of Samarkand State University by the English language department teachers on April 20, 2017.

  Four teams: "Avicenna", "Al-Kharazmi", "Mirzo Ulughbek", "Alisher Navai" teams competed with each other. Teams demonstrated their knowledge and skills at three actions: introduction - guided tour, role play/skit, short question and answer. Their participation of the teams were evaluated by the juries, the chief of the scientific department of Samarkand State University A. Yarmuhammedov - the chairman of the jury, the head of the economic theory chair of Samarkand State University D.Nasimov, vice rector of Samarkand State Architectural and Civil Engineering Institute A.Gadayev, the head of international relations of Samarkand State Agricultural Institute Sh. Khasanov. The competition was very interesting and controversial. It was too difficult to evaluate the active participation of the teams, and to choose the winner.

  Finally, as a result, the team of "Alisher Navai" took the 1st place, the team of "Avicenna" took the 2nd place, the teams of "Mirzo Ulughbek" and "Al-Kharazmi" took the 3rd place. At the end of the competition all participants were awarded with certificates and diplomas by the rector of the university and memorable gifts were given them by the trade union of the university.