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    As part of the Erasmus+ Credit Mobility grant staff exchange at Istanbul University, Turkey, an employee announces a 1-week internship in July 2023.

    The University and Istanbul University of Turkey announce a one-week internship competition in July 2023 for Turkish teachers working at the university under the Erasmus + Credit Mobility grant for researchers and exchange students. During the scientific trip, it is planned to exchange experience with the officials of the Istanbul University to determine the level of Turkish language proficiency and get acquainted with the teaching methods.

    Among the Turkish language teachers who expressed their desire to participate in the competition, the travel costs per 1 employee will be covered by the Erasmus + K171 grant.

    The competition must have an employee working at the university, specializing in Turkish, employees with at least 2 years of work experience and not older than 45 years.

    Required documents:

  1.  Application addressed to the head of the university
  2.  Plan of a scientific trip
  3.  copy of the passport
  4.  CV/Resume

    The deadline for submitting documents is February 25, 2023.

    Additional information can be obtained from the International Partner Office of the University.

    ​Phone: 66 2403853,