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Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB) "Winter School-2022" competition

    The Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB) announces IT and Natural and Social Sciences Winter School 2022 in December!

    Course lectures are delivered live by professors in English through an online and free platform, in small and interactive groups. Also, those who complete the course will receive an international certificate and it includes the following courses:

1.CCUS and Hydrogen Science and Technology: Carbon Management and Sustainable Energy;

2. Biological systems: quantitative methods of understanding biological regulations;

3. Durability and stability of building materials;

4. Understanding artificial intelligence, ethics and politics in an educational context: interdisciplinary perspectives.

    Registration for "Winter School 2022" will continue until November 25, 2022 through the link

    For more information, Dr. You can contact Pratibha Yadav at <>.