The duties of marketing service department

According to the economy of the Republic and regions and the divelopment of social branches to open new educational directions or specialities, to stop the ones which are not suitable for educational market analyze and produce to the departments of the Ministry.

From “The bag of orders” according to the state grants and payment-contacts in the connection with defining the entrance figures of the students existing educational directions or specialities.

To organize a commission for job distribution of the Universitygraduators, with the help of distributing commission employee establishments and organizations according to the real needs of the staff making the plans fulfills the final distribution, create personal distributing of the graduators according to the results.

To create information bank aboutfulfillment of the entrance plan of the new academic year.

To improve professional skills bachelor degree and master’s specialists students and collaborate with the deferments of the University in job distributing of the graduators analyze the effectiveness of the result and participate in marking and coordinate of the activity of all departments.

Legalizations of contracts in preparing specialist with enterprises, establishments, organizations and physical persons.

To lead the calculations of expences with the students studying in payment-contract.

To carry out the payment ofexpences in education with the students studying in payment-contract (together with the deans).

To carry out the activity according to international marketing, participate in local and foreign fonds, use the programs and making projects.

To prepare information about the number of the students studying in payment-contract (according to the curriculum together with the personnel department).

According to the decree of the president of the Republic of Uzbekistan “About the admition to the High educational establishment in 2005-2006 ” in 2005 June PQ-92 in all specialities according to  the state grants to distribute the graduators at the educational establishments and organizations and work for 3 years and control them.

To from bank of information by studying the needs of specialists in enterprises, establishments and organizations by the chairs and administration.

To study the market conjunctures , to from  suggestions about admition, to create real  orders of consumers of graduators, to present to special Ministry of High and secondary education.

To make contract with the educational establishment or enterprises of the graduators who were admitted by the state grants to the bachelor degree Master’s.

To help the graduators in providing with job in time and use effectively in economical branches

To provide with job in time the young generation graduated by state grants of the republic in economical branches.

To look through the application forms of the employed graduators in fulfillment of job contracts and control them.

To givea full information about job place, to held job fairs (with the help of administration).

To proper information about distribution at work of previous graduators.