Head of department

Muxammadiev Mamasidiq

  •  Reception days: Every day (8:00 – 16:00)
  •  Phone number: +99891-297-64-33
  •  Email: m-mamasidiq@samdu.uz


Military service from 1982 to 1984
1984-1985 - Master of the bakery shop at the Okdarya district bread factory,
1985-1986 - Marker-billiard player of Akdarya district amusement park,
1986-1987 - Tashkent Aviation Plant cargo carrier,
1987-1989. - Student of Tashkent polygraphy technical school,
1989-1990. - Mark-billiards player of Akdarya district amusement park,
1990-1997 - Assistant warehouse manager, warehouse manager, deputy director of the Okdarya district wholesale trade center,
1997-2001. - Director of production and commercial firm "Asiyo" of Okdarya district,
2001-2007 - Supply agent of Samarkand State University,
2007 - h.v. - Head of the "Civil Defense and Labor Protection" Department of Samarkand State University

The main tasks of the job protection   department

  1. To organize and   improve the   healthy   and safe   conditions of labor providing.
  2.  To provide the fulfillment of demands of technical   and legal   documents in healthy   and safe   labor conditions and   in   educational situations.
  3.  To fulfill labor protection,   put out the fire , follow the safety of radiation and  its norms control the condition of the room and the environment.
  4. Put in force the labor protection   of the department system to MIXX state standards, labor   and educational standards.
  5.  Put in  force and implement professional checking of labor and educational conditions
  6. To organize and held sanitary work for protecting  from wound , deceases connected  with professional and manufacturing.
  7.  To create and improve  labor  protection  documents according  to the standards  and safety of the labor.
  8. Get to know   generalize and implement the scientific methodologies in protection of productive experiments learners and workers` labor
  9. To create safe and he healthy conditions among students , educational period and workers labor, improve organizing protection of professional deceases at the high educational establishments, the period of education of the students
  10. To organize and held  retraining  courses  for engineer –technician in labor  protection by the government of trade –union , biro of labor    protection at being  strict in fulfillment  of labor protection
  11. To provide  extra holidays, shortened working day, increase the salary  in 12%, treatment prophylactic  eating ,dairy products, and getting    soap and detergent , to make  the lists of profession and career
  12. Organize providing  workers and employees with special shoes and other  individual  protecting things, special uniform,  according to the instruction
  13. According to the information taken from the sanitarian -epidemiological  stations the staff , take medical inspection making the list of the people name by name
  14. In the collaboration with  trade union to control labor protection  conditions by administration
  15. Analyze the reasons of accidents correctly among the engineer – technologists