The next meeting of the Scientific Seminar under the Scientific Council number DSc.03/30.12.2019.F.02.02 on Samarkand State University named after Sharof Rashidov will be at 10:00 and 14:00  on  8 april, 2023.


    1. Defense of the dissertation of  Khudainazarov Nuraddin Shavkatovich for the title of the Philosophy of  Doctor (PhD) in the specialty 09.00.04 - “Social philosophy” on the topic: “Socio-differential features of the formation of scientific and religious thinking among students”.

    2. Defense of the dissertation of Akhmetzhanova Mukaddas Vahabovna for the title of Doctor of Sciences (DSc) in the specialty 09.00.02 - Philosophy of the forms of consciousness, culture and practice on the topic: "Existential essence of Theater art and its influence on the formation of national consciousness".

    3. Various questions.

    Address: Samarkand city, University boulevard, Faculty of History of Samarkand State University, 105-room.