The purpose of the conference is to develop the potential for interaction between IT specialists and representatives of the educational industry in finding optimal pedagogical and technological solutions in the field of digital transformation of education, exchange of experience and identification of priority areas for the digital transformation of education.

    Areas of work of the conference (sections)

  1. Formation and development of the digital educational environment.
  2. Media education and media competence in the era of digitalization.
  3. Digital technologies in educational activities.
  4. Transformation of education system management in the digital age.
  5. Training and advanced training of teaching staff in the context of the digital transformation of education.

    More detailed information can be found at the link  REGULATIONS on holding the X Open International Scientific and Practical Conference "Roadmap for the Digital Transformation of Education"

    Applications for participation in the conference are accepted until January 23, 2023.

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    Acceptance of abstracts of the report for inclusion in the collection of conference materials - until January 16, 2023.

    Participation for foreign authors is FREE (an electronic collection will be sent)

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