Dean of the Faculty

Urokov Sirojiddin Khudayberdievich

•  Reception time: every day from 14:00 to 16:00
•  Telephone: +99897 918-07-41
•  Email:


1999-2003 - Student of the Faculty of  Biology of Samarkand State University 
2003-2005 - Master student, at the department of plant physiology and Microbiology, Samarkand State University  
2005-2008 - Assistant, at the Department of  Botany and Plant physiology of Samarkand State University 
2008-2010 - Deputy Dean for Spiritual and Educational Affairs, Faculty of Biology, Samarkand State University 
2010-2014 - Assistant at the Department of  Botany and Plant physiology of Samarkand State University 
2014-2018 - Associate Professor  of the Department of  Botany and Plant physiology of Samarkand State University 
2018-2021 - Head of the Department of plant physiology and microbiology of Samarkand State University 
Since 2021 Dean of the Faculty of preschool and primary education of Samarkand State University.



The Faculty of Preschool and Primary Education was established by the decision of the University Council No. 14 of July 7, 2021 and the order of the University No. 272 ​​of August 12, 2021.

The faculty offers bachelor's and master's degrees in the following specialties.

Areas of Undergraduate Education:

5111700 - Primary education and sports education

5110900 - Pedagogy and psychology

5111800 - Preschool education

5112100 - Technological education

Master's specialties:

5A110901 - Theory and history of pedagogy

5A111801 - Theory and methods of education

The department of interfaculty pedagogy has doctoral programs in the following specialties:

13.00.01 - Theory of pedagogy. History of pedagogical teachings.

13.00.02 - Theory and methods of education.

In accordance with the decision of the Chairman of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 59 of March 28, 2018, Samarkand State University has a Scientific Council No. Phd.28.03.2018.Ped.02.05, which awards scientific degrees in pedagogical sciences.


At present, the faculty has 3 departments: "Preschool education", "Primary and technological education", "Interdepartmental pedagogy", 77 professors and teachers, including 2 doctors of sciences, 23 subjects. candidates, 52 assistants.

"Debate", "Teacher-therapist", "Research student", "Reading circle", "School mathematician", "Mother tongue and literature", "Young ecologists", "Young modelists", organized under the departments. “Discussion”, “Young Researcher Educators”, “Young Researcher”, “Al Khorezmi Followers”, “Purple”, “Rainbow Leader”, “Creative Educator”, “Speech Development”, “Young Psychologist”, “MTT “Modern Manager”, “Creative Educator”, “Young Educator”, “Positive Psychologist”, “Modern Educator Image”.

Scientific staff of the Faculty of Preschool and Primary Education Department of "General Pedagogy" of Moscow State Pedagogical University, Department of "Pedagogy" of Dushanbe State Pedagogical University, Faculty of "Industrial Pedagogy" of Bryansk State Pedagogical Institute, Department of "Pedagogy" of Khojand State University, Scientific relations have been established between the International University of Azerbaijan and many other higher education institutions and research centers of the CIS and the world.