Head of the department

Rashidova Umida Mansurovna

  •  Reception days: Everyday (8:00 -16:00)
  •  Phone number: +998 94 244 87 20
  •  Email: umida_rashidova@bk.ru


2004-2008 - Student of Samarkand State University

2008-2010 - Master of Samarkand State University

2008-2010 - Master of Samarkand State University

2011-2013 - Junior Researcher, Samarkand State University
2013-2016 - Senior researcher at Samarkand State University

2014-2016 - Teacher of the native language and literature at the SamGIIA Lyceum

2014-2017 - Teacher of native language and literature at Samarkand Academic Lyceum under the Ministry of Internal Affairs
2017-2018 - Teacher of the native language and literature at the TATU Lyceum
2018- 2018 - Preschool teacher of the faculty of "Preschool education" of the department "Theory and methods of preschool education"

2018-2021 - Head of the Department of Preschool Education, Faculty of Preschool and   Primary Education, Samarkand State University

History of the Department of Preschool Education

The Department of Theory and Methods of Preschool Education at SamSU was established on August 24, 2018 by the decision of the Academic Council of Samarkand State University 13 and by order of the rector of the university No 584. In 2021, with the creation of the Faculty of Preschool and Primary Education, the name of the department was changed to preschool education. The head of the department is Rashidova Umida Mansurovna, Doctor of Philosophy.

Members of the department:

1. Professor Tursunova Mahkamoy

2. Associate Professor Fayzullaev Sharipboy Nurullaevich

3. PhD Rashidova Umida Mansurovna

4.Dotcent Agzamov Valery

4. Assisant Rustamova Fotima Islomovna

5.Assistant Razzokova Mashkhura Kamaliddinovna

6. Assistant Totliyev Ulmas.

7. Assistant Doniyarov Shogista

8. Assistant Eshnazarov Gulzoda

9. Assistant to Gakimov Margabo

10. Assistant Abduraҳmonova Charos

11. Assistant to Zainiddinova Zulkhumor

12. Assistant to Kattaeva Gulnoza

13. Assistant to Karimov Aziz

14. Assistant Marupov Munir

15. Assistant to Imomkulov Ozoda

The scientific potential of the department is 26.6%. There are 2 candidates of sciences and 2 part-time assistants at the department. The main incentive of the department is the implementation of scientific and practical cooperation with the Samarkand regional department of preschool education:

1.  On December 28, 2018, in Samarkand No. 27 of the MTC, a scientific and practical conference was held on the topic "Strategic priorities for the development of preschool education - popularity and quality."

2.On January 8, 2019 at the Samarkand State University for employees of the regional department of preschool education, methodologists of district (city) departments of preschool education and heads of preschool educational institutions took place:

3. On February 4, 2019, a methodological seminar was held with the methodologists of the Faculty of Preschool Education and the Department of Preschool Education of the city of Samarkand and directors of MTT on the first orientation of students in the direction of "Preschool Education" to "Qualification Practice"

4.2020 On March 2, 2018, in the hall of SSU activists, a discussion and practical seminar was held on the topic "Issues of establishing consistent interaction with preschool educational institutions in improving the quality and effectiveness of teaching at the faculty of preschool education."

Carrying out this noble purposeful work to increase the scientific, practical, educational and methodological potential of the department in the future, it meets the needs of scientific and methodological personnel in the field of "Preschool education" and serves to hold a fair and a transparent process of admission to Samarkand State University.

The following subjects are taught at the department:

• Theory and methodology of physical education.

• Organization of mathematical games.

• Methods of organizing didactic games in MTM.

• Preschool pedagogy

• Social pedagogy

• Management and administration in preschool education.

• Fundamentals of creative activity in preschool education.

• Normative foundations of preschool education.

• Ways to prepare children for school.

• Native language and children's literature

• Theory and methods of forming mathematical concepts.

• Theory and methods of acquaintance with nature.

• Ways to prepare children for school.

• Theory and methodology for the development of children's speech.

• Child psychology and psychodiagnostics.

• Management and administration in preschool education.