All foreign citizens, as well as foreign citizens residing in Uzbekistan, can be admitted to and study at Samarkand State University (SamSU) bachelor, master or PhD programs based on an interview, without an exam.

Samarkand State University has 55 full-time bachelor's degree programs, 18 correspondence (2 visits per year for exams) bachelor's degree programs and 5 evening education programs (detailed information:

We would like to invite foreign citizens to study at Samarkand State University in 32 master's programs ( and 46 basic doctoral (PhD) and doctoral (DSc) programs (

At SamSU, foreign citizens can study in Russian, English, Tajik and Uzbek languages.

Contract fee: $800-1800 per academic year, depending on the field of study (the sum can be paid in halves).

Deadline for submission of documents:

ONLINE registration

For bachelors and masters: until August 20, 2020;

For doctoral studies: until October 15, 2020.


For more information:

Tel: +998 97 919 28 02, +998 66 239 10 79.

E-mail: ;

Address: Samarkand University, University Boulevard 15.


Admission process

In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. PQ-3775 dated June 5, 2018 and on the basis of other normative documents based on this document, Samarkand State University accepts foreign citizens to study based on an interview, without examination.

Foreign citizens must submit ONLINE the scanned versions of the following documents to the Department of International Cooperation of SamSU:

• For Undergraduates: Scanned copy of the school graduation certificate/diploma.

• For Master's degree: Scanned copy of the bachelor's degree (with attachment).

• For doctoral (PhD) specialties: Scanned copy of the master's degree (with attachment, CV (Curriculum Vitae), study plan and motivation letter.

• Scanned copy of the passport.

The academic year

The academic year at SamSU begins in September and lasts until June next year. The duration of study for bachelor's degree is 4 years for full-time students, 5 years for students learning by correspondence, 4 years for students studying at evening programs, 2 years for master's degree students and 3 years for PhD students.

For more information, please contact the International Cooperation Department of SamSU: (E-mail: ; Tel/telegram: +99897 9192802, +99866 2391079).


If you need a visa to enter the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan, you need an invitation from Samarkand State University. The visa is issued within 15 days by the Consular Section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan.

We need the following documents and information to issue an invitation and apply for a visa:

1. Copy of passport

2. Copy of a letter from an employer (if employed)

3. Completed visa application form (

All foreign nationals are provided with university accommodation.