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Head of the department

Shodiyev Faxriddin

The adoption of the Law "On Education" and the "National Training Program" in the country has led to positive changes in the public education system, especially in primary education.

The National Program for Personnel Training pays special attention to the fact that primary school teachers should be highly qualified specialists in all areas, including: All specialists working in primary education should be specialists with higher education. 'he said. For this purpose, the Department of "Humanities and methods of teaching them in primary education" was opened at the Faculty of Pedagogy of Samarkand State University.

It is known that the Faculty of Pedagogy was opened in the 1966-1967 academic year on the basis of the former Sadriddin Aini Pedagogical Institute under the name "Methods of preschool education and primary education." In connection with the expansion of this educational institution in May 1976-1977, the department of "Humanities in primary education and their teaching methods" was established. At that time, the department was headed by Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor O. Eshmurodov. Members of the department: Assoc. K.Haydarov, K.S.M.Nazarova, teachers: D.S.Begadjiyeva, K.Tursunov, D.Ergashev, M.Kuronov, S.Sodikov. Later, the scientific and pedagogical potential of the department increased, and Professor SN Nishonov, Assoc. X.T.Axmatov, dos. M.Safin, dos. Sh.Q.Shirinboyev, dots. F.Badriyev, dots. A.Azimov, dots. X.Z.Ziyadullayev, docent V.T.Denisenko, dots. Sh.Makhmatmuradovs were hired.

Due to the demands of the period, in the 1984-1985 academic year, the department was divided into two.

1. Department of Preschool Education and Primary Education. The department is headed by the following professors:

a) 1977-1980 docent. O.Eshmurodov

b) 1980-1983 docent. F.Badriyev

c) 1984-1985 Assoc. S.Nazarova

g) 1985-1986 docent. Sh.Maxmatmurodov

d) 1987-2000 dots. X.Ziyadullayev

c) 2002-2007 dots. Q.Tursunov

2. Department of Languages ​​and Literature. The department was headed by the following professors:

a) 1982-1987 docent. X.Axmatova

b) 1987-1989 dots. A.Azimov

c) 1989-1992 dots. U.Sanaqulov

g) 1992-1997 prof. N.Turniyozov

d) 1997-1999 dots. A.Azimov.

In September 2002-2003, three departments were established on the basis of the department "Methods of primary education and educational work":

1. Department of Primary Education - Assoc. Q.Tursunov.

2. Assoc. Prof. in the Department of Languages ​​and Literature in the primary grades. Sh.Maxmatmurodov.

3. Head of the Department of Natural Sciences Assoc. S. Abilova was elected.

From the 2005-2006 academic year, these departments were merged to form the Department of "Methods of Primary Education" and the department was headed by Assoc. Headed by K. Tursunov.

From the 2006-2007 academic year, the department was headed by Dots. G. Yakhshibaev has been appointed director.

The name of the department was changed to "Methodology of Primary Education" based on the national theme and idea. Our independence places special demands on primary education. Therefore, in order to fully implement the "National Program of Personnel Training" and the Law "On Education", the department was divided into two by the order of the rector of the university on May 4, 2008.

1. The humanities and their teaching methods. Chair holder dots. G. Yakhshiboyev.

2. Exact, natural sciences and their teaching methods. According to the order of the rector of the department, docent. H. Nazarov was in charge.

Since December 2010, the department has been headed by Ph.D. F. Shodiyev was coming.

On November 1, 2012, both departments merged. Head of the department Ph.D candidate F. Shodiyev.

Since June 2013, f.f.n. F. Shodiyev was selected to head the department of "Methods of Primary Education" and the university signed a five-year contract.

According to the decision of the Academic Council of Samarkand State University on December 25, 2018 No 6 on the basis of the department "Methods of primary education" "Theory and practice of primary education" and "Methods of primary education" ”Departments were established.

Head of the Department of "Theory and Practice of Primary Education" Ph.D. candidate F. Shodiyev.

Professors and teachers of the department, based on the nature of the department, conduct research on the topic "Problems of improving the innovative professional skills of future primary school teachers."

Currently, the department has 13 staff members, including 8 candidates of sciences, 2 associate professors, 2 doctors of philosophy, 4 teachers and 2 cabinet heads.