At the Samarkand State University, the main focus is on the conformity with the state scientific and technical programs and the application of the results to the national economy and teaching process. At present, within the state scientific and technical state programs, university scientists have been carrying out 17 fundamental, 2 practical and 1 innovative projects in priority areas of science and technology development.

Project name

Fundamental grants

Comparative analysis of the "Khamsa" created in the Timurid era.

Phosphate and silicate bottles that have activated ionic-active metals with variable stress are subjected to thermadiation effects of complex areas, the study of the fundamental absorption boundary and quantum effects change.

Photonics of organic dyes with nano systems of biological materials and metals.

Mix melting metals, porous metals, and investigate their physical properties by using a rapid flow of gas.

Effects of compound and radiation-induced defects in acoustic deformation mechanisms and effectiveness of acoustic and optical activity in dielectrics and metals.

Study of acousto-optic phenomena in condensed environments in nanosellous space and time spectra.

Mechanisms of formation of molecular clusters and their representation in vibration spectra.

Investigating the potential of unstable energy production based on the natural resources of the Mirzachul oasis (wind, water and solar radiation).

Creating and quantitative investigation of hydrodynamic models of fluid and particulate matter in a jaclimized porous medium.

Small particle system models on the grid. Important and discrete spectrum of energy operators.

Harmonic analysis, level geometry and their application to mathematical physics.

Calculation of the deformation of three-layer pellet-elastic plates by dynamic loading.

Modeling, optimization of chromatographic processes and the study of the relationships between "magnitude and properties" and their application in nanochromatography; Synthesis and physicochemical properties of coronary inhibitors of aliphatic and heterocyclic metals based on aminomethylenephosphoric acid

Investigating the theoretical foundations of the synthesis of gas-sensitive materials for a new generation of chemical sensors.

Evaluation, mapping and mapping of desertification processes in mountain geosystems with base-experimental plots (on the example of Gobdin Mountain).

Studying the variability of astrophysical objects in Samarkand and Maydanak observatories.

Synthesis of biochemical biochemicals with two isrogen atoms.

Innovative grants

Development of integrated technology of biofuels from biofuel of plant species and livestock organic wastes.

Practical grants

Getting sorbents in the technology of zol-gel on the basis of local raw materials and their application in chromatography

Creation of catalysts for oxy-condensation reaction of methane based on local raw materials, optimization of research process

Unique Objects

"Zoology Museum"

Laboratory "Nuclear Physics"

Navoi Museum