Samarkand state university was founded in 1420

Meeting of the scientific councilDSc.27.06.2017.F.02.02


The next meeting of the Scientific Seminar under the Scientific Council number DSc.27.06.2017.F.02.02 on Samarkand State University will be at 10:00 on, December 13, 2019.


  1. Defense of  Yunusova Gulandom Samiyevna  sthesis defense for the degree of Doctor of Sciences  in Philosophical Sciences (DSc) 09.00.03 – History of philosophy.  
  2. Defense of Samanova Shakhlo Bokhtiyarovna’s thesis defense for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Philosophical Sciences 09.00.04 - Social philosophyon the topic: Socio-philosophical fundamentals of ecologic tolerane.
  3.  Various issues.

Address: Samarkand city, University boulevard, Faculty of History of Samarkand State University, 105-room.