Meeting of the scientific council PhD 29.08.2017. FM.02.04

In 2019 on 31st of October of 14.00 held scientific seminar, under on council on award of the scientific degree Doctor of Philosophy PhD 29.08.2017. FM.02.04 under Samarkand state University

Daily routine:

Held discussion of dissertation assistantof Samarkand branch of Tashkent University of Information Technologies KhujanovaDilafruzShakarbekovna on the theme “Peculiarity of optical properties of a low-dimensionalelectronic systems” on speciality “01.04.05-Optics”, introducing on the doctor of Philosophy (PhD) on Physical and Mathematical sciences

Address: University Boulevard 15, Samarkand, 140104. 

Cabinet 63, ground floor, the department of Physics, Samarkand State University