Cooperation with Indian professors continues in the form of webinars


With the advent of the insidious pandemic covid 19 in the world, the direct interaction of world scientists has also become limited. However, global scientists are constantly expanding. All scientists in the world communicate using communication technologies. The staff of Samarkand State University, including the faculty of International Educational Programs, also uses it effectively.

Lecturer of the faculty Sh.Ahmedova together with the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences of the Indian Institute of Technology. Together with Dr. Tabassum Qazi has organized an online webinar on the Zoom platform.

Online lectures by Dr. Tabassum Qazi is devoted to socio-psychological research that can be conducted during a pandemic. This online webinar is attended not only by teachers, but also by doctoral students, undergraduates and university students studying social psychology and methodology.

All participants are satisfied with this online seminar, which is held in English, and they are trying to acquire new knowledge and skills during the pandemic while being at home.

Authors: Sh.B.Akhmedova, S.Ya.Umarov