Samarkand state university was founded in 1420

“Professors of all areas of SamSU study the intricacies of psychology and methodology”


Due to the widespread COVID-19 pandemic in the world, direct communication between scientists around the world has been limited. However, scientists are still trying to achieve new scientific results. Scientists around the world have established a wide range of communications at a distance. The team of Samarkand State University, the faculty of international educational programs, also successfully conducts research in this area. The teacher of the faculty Sh.Ahmedova for some time conducted research with the professor of Mumbai University of Technology of India, Azizuddin Khan. Today, collaboration is expanding, and now it includes Zoom, a remote atmosphere conducted by Azizuddin Khan, a professor at Mumbai University of Technology in India, who teaches new research methods along with the methods used in research in psychology and methodology. The participants of the webinar, not only the faculty, but also professors, doctoral students and students of all areas of SamSU study the intricacies of psychology and methodology. All participants enjoy this distance learning in English and strive to acquire new and modern knowledge.