Oriental recognition of Alisher Navoi's poetry in his time


On February 7, 2020, a scientific-practical conference on the 579th anniversary of the great poet and thinker Alisher Navoi entitled "Oriental Recognition of Alisher Navoi’s Poetry in his time" was held at Samarkand State University. It was attended by Navoi scientists, representatives of the regional branch of the National Revival Democratic Party of Uzbekistan and the Regional Department of the National Guard of Uzbekistan, professors, teachers and students of the university, representatives of the public and the mass media.

The speakers at the conference spoke about the unique contribution of the great thinker to the history of Turkic peoples and Muslim Oriental literature, the research and new discoveries of the poet's work.

The presentation of the book "Oqqo’yunli muxlislar devoni", published by the publishing and printing joint-stock company "Sharq" was also presented at the event. This edition is based on the poems of Alisher Navoi and published in the current writing. The book is intended for the audience of philologist-scholars and anyone interested in Navoi's work. 

There were also read excerpts from the ghazals of the poet at the conference.