Address: 140104, University blv. 15, Samarkand сity, Samarkand region, Uzbekistan

Dean of faculty

Mirzaev Rahmatulla


According to the Resolution № 13 of the Scientific Council of Samarkand State University and order № 524-ij of the University Rector in connection with the opening of educational areas such as philosophy, pedagogy and psychology disciplines, the faculty of “Psychology and social sciences” was founded on the basis of the characteristics of social disciplines. The faculty includes educational areas of philosophy, psychology, social sciences, national idea, foundation of spirituality and teaching of law. Currently, there are 83 professors and teachers in the faculty, 7 of the teaching staff are doctors of science, professors and 32 candidates of science and doctors of philosophy, docents.

All conditions have been created for students to use modern information technologies in the educational process. Classes are conducted in 12 technically equipped classrooms.

The faculty prepares specialists for bachelor and master’s degrees in the following educational areas:

Bachelor degree:

   5111600 - National idea, the basis of spirituality and teaching of law;

   5120500 - Philosophy;

   5210200 - Psychology (by types of activity);

   5520100 - Social case (by types of activity).

Master's degree:

   5А120503 - Ethics and aesthetics

   5А111601 - Methods of teaching social and humanitarian disciplines (the   basics of spirituality)