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Khaydarov Baxtiyar

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The head of our state pays special attention to the development of preschool education, which is the first and important link in the education system of the young generation. This issue was considered in detail at meetings held on August 16 and October 19, 2017. On September 30, 2017, the President of our country signed the Decree “On Measures for the Fundamental Improvement of the Management of the System of Pre-School Education” 

Further improvement of the preschool education system, strengthening the material and technical base, expanding the network of preschool institutions, providing qualified pedagogical personnel, dramatically improving the level of preparation of children for school education, the introduction of modern educational programs and technologies in the educational process, the integrated intellectual and ethical activities of children. 

To provide qualified pedagogical personnel with preschool educational institutions, based on the Presidential Decree of September 9, 2017 (PQ-3261) “On measures to fundamentally improve the system of pre-school education” and the Order No. 571 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan of July 24, 2018 to optimize the structure of the university, the rector of SamSU, Professor R.I. Khalmuradov, dated August 24, 2018, decided to form the faculty of preschool education with the aim of implementation (Order No. 584-ij) 

Students of the faculty of preschool education will receive diplomas in areas of specialty: 

• "Preschool education" 

• "Labor Training" 

• “Visual arts and engineering graphics” 

• “Music education” (baccalaureate and magistracy). 

Faculty structure 

The faculty of preschool education consists of 5 departments: 

• Pedagogy and psychology of preschool education 

• Theories and methodologies of preschool education 

• Labor education 

• Visual arts and engineering graphics 

•  Musical education 

Forms of education: 

• full-time 

• correspondence. 

On the full-time form of education of the faculty of preschool education, 875 students study, in the correspondence form -. 

Staff composition 

The faculty has 57 teachers, 7 senior teachers, including 2 doctors of science, 6 professors, 15 associate professors. 

Scientific work 

The faculty members conduct research in the field of child psychology, preschool pedagogy, methods of preschool education, participate in the development of scientific and methodological support for the functioning of the system of preschool, musical, graphic and engineering as well as labor education in the republic (standards, programs, aids). 

The faculty of preschool education is the initiator and organizer of international and republican scientific conferences: "Actual problems and trends of modern preschool education", "Harmonization of the psychophysical and social development of children", etc. 

The Faculty of Preschool Education has prepared and published teaching aids on the method of preschool education: 

1. Maktabgacha talim yoshidagi bolalarning zismoniy va physiologist husiyyatlari (authors E.Kobilov, B.T.Haydarov G.Kh.Ibroimova) 

2. Young researchers of the environment (authors M.Kodirov, E.Mardonov) 

3. Young researchers (author N.J. Mullajonova) 

4. Young champions (author N.J. Mullajonova) 

5. Yosh tadkikodchilar (author N.J.Mullazhonova, Z.Istamov) 

6. Mathematics in games (in Russian and Uzbek) (authors E. Mardonov, S. Fayzulaev)


  Educational work


At the faculty of preschool education educational events are held annually: KVN, subject Olympiads, intellectual games, competitions, charity events, etc. FPE students actively participate in sports events of the faculty, university, republic, in international competitions and competitions.




For students of the faculty there are circles in all directions. Students attending circles participate in city, republican and international competitions and festivals taking prizes.


In the direction of preschool education, there are “Table Tennis” circles, the head is B.T.Haydarov, “Yosh Tarbiyachi” is the head is G.Kh.Ibroimova.


In the direction of music education, there are circles “Dutorchi Kizlar”, head A. Rakhmatov, “Khor” head, associate professor Z. Kozimov.


In the direction of visual education and engineering graphics circles: "Design" Head Art. teacher N.J.Mullazhonova, “Musavir” head Zh.Rakhmatov, “Amaliy san'at” head D.Omonov, “Nakkoshlik” head I.Izbasarov, “Chizmilik” head Z.Holikov

Three circles work in the direction of labor training: “Tikuvchilik” head M. Rasulova, “Mohir Ullar” head R. Ziyanqulova and “Durodgorlik” head A. Qurbonov 



The Faculty has signed a Memorandum on Creative Cooperation: a pre-school educational institution - a school - a university with the “TIMUR FAYZ” NGO and a school named after Mirzo Ulugbek which was founded by Ravshanova Dilfuza Rayemkulovna. The parties join forces in order to popularize the guidelines for the implementation of innovative education in pre-school educational organization (coordinated by the dean of the pre-school education faculty Professor B.T.Haydarov, senior lecturer N.J.Mulladonova).

The faculty closely cooperates with educational institutions and research institutes of Russia such as the Russian State University of Tourism and Service (RSUTIS) and the Gzhel State University (GGU).


The result is the completion of the master class on the application