Address: 140104, University blv. 15, Samarkand сity, Samarkand region, Uzbekistan

Dean of faculty

Safarov Bakhodirhon Shakhrierovich


Thefacultyofeconomicsandbusinesswasestablishedin 1992 asapartofthe faculty of applied mathematics. In 1997 thefacultyofeconomicsbecameindependent. The first dean of the faculty was professor K.
In 1997 first thirty students graduated from the faculty. They were directed to banks, finance departments, customs office and other spheres. In 2011 the faculty was renamed to social economics and in 2018 it became the  faculty of economics and business. Atthemomenttherearethreedepartments. Theyaredepartmentofeconomicsandentrepreneurship, Human resources management and business and Theory of economics.
38 teachers currently work at faculty. There arefourdoctor of sciences, 11 PhDs, 23 assistants. Thenumberofstudentsaccountsfor 464. Also there are 24 master students and 14 part time students study at the faculty. Under supervision of the professors of the faculty 15 student books and 25 lecture materials were published.
Alsoitisremarkablethata team of talented students has been arranged. Among them SultanovSanjar-awardee of Karimov Stipendium, UmirovIslombek and SadullayevaBahora received Navoi scholarship. 
Study directions:
There are three directions in bachelor, three masters and two doctorate schools.
1)    Economics;
2)    Professional education: economics;
3)    Human resources management
1)    Demographics, labor economics;
2)    Theory of economics;
3)    Human resources management
1)    Demographics, labor economics;
2)    Services sphere economics
The faculty of economics and business collaborates with university of Delhi, university of Praga, University of Granada Spain, Kazan Federal university Russia, Higher school of economics of Perm Russia and other leading universities.