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Today Samarkand State University has 3 students’ hostels.

Hostel -1 which consists of 397 seats is situated in Spitamen street, 166.

Hostel -2 which consists of 245 seats is situated in Otaturk street, 11.

Hostel -3 which consists of 256 seats is situated in Otaturk street, 9.

The third floor of the students’ hostels are for Masters’. In 2010 -2011 academic year 911 students lived in students’ hostels. 545 of them are girls. There is a spiritual and educational room, reading room, restroom in the 1-hostel, an educational centre “Ibn Sino”, organization “Young guards” in the 2-hostel and spiritual and educational room, clubs centre in the 3-hostel where students can spend their free times and prepare for their lessons. University student’s hostels are decorated with different pictures, posters, statue of the students’ hostel and other proper documents. The reading rooms of the hostels are provided with scientific books and fictions. In the reading rooms not found books are brought by the librerian from the university scientific information resource centre according to students’ order.

The reading rooms are being provided with newspapers and magazines such as: «Fan va turmush», «Hidoyat», «Saodat», «Sharq yulduzi», «Boshlang’ich ta’lim», «Xalq ta’limi», “Huquq va burch”, «Xalq so’zi», «O’zbekiston ovozi», «Zarafshon», «XXI asr», «Pravda Vostoka», «Samarkandskiy vestnik», «Turkiston», «O’zbekiston adabiyoti va san’ati», «Xurriyat», «Narodnoye slovo», «Samarqand», «Sog’lom avlod».

There is a kitchen, bathroom, laundry, ironing room and a restroom for the students who live in the hostel. There are two TV-sets in the 1- students’ hostels, two TV-sets in the 2- students’ hostels and three TV-sets in the 3- students’ hostels. There is a medical aid station on the first floor of the hostel which is provided with modern instruments.

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 University Alexandra Ioana Cusa in Iasi of Romania announced“Erasmus +”scholarship program for students and staff. Submission of deadline is 5 November, 2016. Application forms can be obtained from scholarships program’s website:

Additional information: possible to get from International Relations Office of the University.

Note: All expenses are covered

  Samarkand State University invity you to “Day of opendoors” wikl held on 10-12 june 2017, at 9 ocbck in he big hall of SamSU. Adress: city of Samarkand. University Bulvar home №15 Telephone (0366) 2336085



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