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about the system of rating on assessment and control the knowledge of students in higher institutions

According to the law "About education", “Ahborotnoma” of Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan, (1997,№ 9, paragraph 225), "About national program of staff training" (Akk… 1997, № 11-12,paragraph 295), and resolution of Ministry of the Republic of  Uzbekistan on 2001 August 16, № 343 about “Ratification of educational standards at Higher Education” (Law documents collection of the Republic of Uzbekistan, № 15-16, paragraph 104) regulating under control students knowledge and rating assessment  system at Higher Educational Establishments 

I. General Rules

1. Controlling students’ knowledge and assessment through rating system by management education quality training skilled specialists, preventing spaces in advancement of subjects among the students, find out and settle them.

2. Rating system consists of the followings:

a) Control and analyze proper knowledge skills and degrees of professional skills of the students according State Educational Standards.

b) The main trends in assessment of knowledge and professional skills of the students: providing to be based on the State Educational Standards, exactness, justice, reliability and suitable assessing.

c) Organization systematically studying and analyzing of the subjects among the students.

d) Develop individual working skills of the students, organization the usage of informational recourses effectively.

e) Assessment the knowledge of the students fair and impartial and inform the results in time.

f) Providing complex and uninterrupted training in subjects of the students.

J) Create necessary facilities for computerizing organizational works of educational process.

3. Knowledge assessment of the students in subjects will be held according to the rating control and assessing table.

 II. Kinds of tests and their ways of carrying out.

4. Kinds of tests and their ways of holding them are recommended by the head of the chair to the Educational Methodological committee of the Higher Educational Establishment to be discussed and approved.

  They are shown in every educational curriculum of the subjects with the kinds of the practical course.

5. Rating tests tables, kinds of the tests, its number and total mark given for each test should be announced to the students at the first lesson.

6. in providing levels of the knowledge and assimilation of the students in accordance with State Educational Standards are implied to hold following kinds of tests:

-Current test – to identify the level of the knowledge and practical skills of the students in subject themes and methods of assessment in the accordance with feature of the subject. Current tests are held in laboratory and practical lessons in oral, testing, conversation, control work, colloquium, checking up the home tasks and so on.

-General test - marking and identifying levels of knowledge and practical skills of the students after finishing appropriate part during the term, the form and number of the test are fixed according to the general hours of educational subject.                                                           

-Final examination - method of assessment of the students in assimilation of the level of their theoretical know ledge and practical skills of proper subject at the end of the term. Final examination a mostly held in the form of “Written work" (for medical establishments “Written work" or OTKS (objective systematical daily test) based on supporting notions and expressions.

According to the resolution of scientific council of the faculty educational directions and specialty subjects can be held in other farms (oral, testing) about 40 %.

7. Process of holding of current tests studied with the help of the committee set up by the head of the chair. In the cases of disorder results of the tests can be turned down and re-examined again.

8. According to the order of the head of higher educational establishment under the leadership eternal control and monitoring department process of holding final exams are studied and in the cases of disorder the results of final tests are turned won held again.

                           III Assessment system and criteria

10. According to the rating system of knowledge level and professional skills of the students assimilation level in every subject is given in marks (numbers)                                              

11. Assimilation indications of the students during the term (semester) in every subject is marked in 100scored system in numbers.

12. These grades are distributed as followings:

for final exams – 30, for current tests (according to the feature of the subject it is distributed into current tests by the chair)                                                          

13. Course work (scheme, counting - graphical work) practice, final state attestation in subjects, graduational practical work and "Master students" scientific research and scientific pedagogical work, Master's dissertation are marked in 100 scores.                                                              

14. In controlling students' assimilatory indications subjects following conductive criteria (instead of rating are called productive criteria) are you recommended                                                            

a)  86-100 score - the student's knowledge should be as:  

conclusion and decision-making;

creative thinking;

individual autonomy;

to apply that knowledge in practice;

to understand the essence;

Learn to tell an idea.

b) 71 - 85 points for the level of knowledge of the student must meet the following requirements:

individual autonomy;

to apply that knowledge in practice;

to understand the essence;

Learn to tell an idea.

c) 55 - 70 points for the level of knowledge of the student must meet the following requirements:

to understand the essence;

Learn to tell an idea.

g) the student's level of knowledge in the following cases 0 - 54 points:

be clearly understood;


15. The standard criteria for the introduction of specific subjects and control on the basis of criteria developed and approved by the head of the department, and students will be published.

16. Standard specialization in the disciplines of higher education institutions in accordance with the criteria developed evaluation criteria for the final control by the higher education institution approved by the Council of Scientific-methodical and related institutions of higher education will be delivered.

17. In the case of students' independent study on the subject to perform tasks related to the current, intermediate and final control, and will be evaluated on the basis of points allocated to him.

18. Student for a semester rating is determined as follows:

  Rf = V x OI , here 100

V - general science teaching load for a semester (hours);

EU on the development of science degree (in points).

19. Science in the current and interim controls 55 percent of the overall score is a qualifying score points less than students in the final inspection.

For all types of current and interim control of students who scored 55 or more points is considered to be proficient in science, and science is entering the final control on the road.

Medical institutions of higher education in science, 55 percent intermediate and final test scores in each of the selected points, and each of the current and interim control who scored 55 points and percentage points higher than students in science Bo ' on final inspection.

 20. During the semester, students in science gathered in the ball according to the rules established for each type of control is equal to the sum of the points scored.

IV. The term of the types of control

21. Intermediate and final inspection by the Council in accordance with the thematic plan will be based on the rating control. The final control is over the last 2 weeks of the semester.

22. Student in the course of the project (the case) must apply to the total number of points accumulated in this area.

23. The current and accumulated total score of control and did not participate because of an excuse for this type of control of the transfer of the last of the current space and time controls.

Disease due to attend classes, as well as the supervision of the current, intermediate and final deadlines set by order of the dean of the faculty, the students, who are allowed to submit, within two weeks after the study.

24. Semester, students gathered on the types of current and interim control points or control less than 55 per cent of the overall score at the end of the current semester, the sum accumulated in the interim and final control points less than 55 points if it is considered academic debtors.

At the end of the semester, the medical institutions of higher education in science, intermediate or final qualifying score points on each of the types of student academic debtors.

For the academic development of the debtor after the end of the semester, students will be given one month. During the same period, according to the recommendation of the dean of the science faculty students who cannot tolerate the procedure established by the order of the rector discharged from the ranks of students.

25. If the results of the control of the student, the type of fan control for over a day after the announcement of the results may apply to the Dean of the Faculty. In this case, the Dean of the faculty, according to the order of the rector of 3 (three) members, consisting of not less than appellation Commission will be created.

Appellation   Commission considered the student, at the conclusion of the day.

26. be determined in accordance with the requirements set in terms of evaluation and registration dean of the faculty, the head of the department, education department and are controlled by the Department of internal control and monitoring.

V. Rating and analysis of the results of the procedure

27.At the end of the semester all the numbers will be recorded after the student’s subject types of control on account of accumulated points “Hours in the curriculum ’’ allocated to the curriculum for general education subject clock, the 100-point system in the column “Assessment on the subject,”

Student’s low mark out of qualifying record will not be recorded to the rating.

28.For each subject in the control group and the results of these types of statements are recorded and brought to the attention of students on the same day.

29.According to the final results of the control of science students, a teacher and a rating book and determine the attention of students on the fills.

30.Rating determines his level of knowledge and skills of the student. The overall rating of the semester, students in all disciplines will be determined by the total accumulated points.

31. Overall rating of each semester and students will be announced after the end of the academic year.

32. By diplomas or academic dean clearance took one semester of science, is the sum of the ratings. Honored student each semester to determine the ultimate indicator of the development of subject are taken into account.

33. Results achieved by the students to control the types of departments, deans of education and training institutions, research councils will be regularly discussed and appropriate decisions will be accepted.

34. The results of the final audit of the current interim meeting of the department, faculty and institution of higher education, scientific meetings are regularly discussed and appropriate decisions will be accepted.

VI. The final rules

35. The Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the State Testing Center under the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan is attest to check the integrity of the price and control.

36. Disputes of the issues arising from this conflict to be solved on the basis of the legislation.

37. This enactment agrees with Testing Center under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources, the Ministry of Culture and Sports, Communication and Information Agency of Uzbekistan “Railways”, the State Tax Committee and the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan.

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