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Information about the university zoology museum.

The university zoology museum, which was founded by the initiative of famous scientist S.K. Dal, his brother K.K.Dal and the collector K.K.Povarova in 1934 takes an important role to carry out effective scientific-pedagogical activity at the faculty of natural sciences of Samarkand State University, to learn fauna, systematics, animals, ecology and protection, to form and develop ecological culture and ideology of the future generation and to protect animals.

            There are more than 5000 animals’ displays in the zoology museum. They consist of the Animals displays which live in South and North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

            The formation of the university zoology museum and its activity is connected with the work of S.K.Dal, his brother K.K.Dal and the collector K.K.Povarova who worked at the faculty of biology in 1934-2008. The documents from archives testify that the zoological collections are collected with the help of ecological-faunistic expeditions which are organized every year and the collected materials of the hundreds of students, scientific workers and hunters. Among the workers we can name Y.M.Ananyev, A.Volovin, A.Fizun, L.V.Ionis, I.Nurmukhammedov, D.Kruglov who did their best to measure the collected materials, to register the information in journals, to renew and enrich the museum displays.

There is a entomological collection consisting of 110000 insects of 10000 kinds at the zoology museum. The former rector of SamSU and the famous entomology scientist academic R.A.Olimjonov did their best to organize this entomological collection. Under his leadership researches devoted to learning the fauna of insects of Zarafshan valley are carried out on a large scale.

The professor and teachers of the chair M.I.Kosobuskiy, Y.K.Dubovskiy, S.G.Bronshteyn, Y.P. Sudareva, Y.A.Papova, M.M.Ostonova and others took an active part in this work. With the initiative of SamSU administration zoology museum was reconstructed and done much work to do it in the modern world level. Zoology museum was discovered again for zoo-specialist and scientists. The precious displays of zoology museum were placed to the reconstructed windows and special lighted shelves. In 2011 according to the resolution of the Council of Eurasian universities association SamSU zoology museum was registered in “Mezey universitetov Yevraziyskoy assosiasii” reference book which is being prepared by the Moscow State University museum. Nowadays one of the main aims and important tasks of the zoology museum is to enrich the museum’s windows with animal displays living in other places of the world, to cooperate with other international museum association, to exchange displays with other world zoomuseums.  

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