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The faculty of Pedagogics

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The faculty of Pedagogics

Statistical information about activity of the faculty.

1.Professors, teachers-75 persons.

2.Doctors of science, professors -3

3.Candidates of science ,docents-21.

4. Scientific potential- 34,7

5. Students -834.

6.Masters -17.

7. Post graduate students -5.

8.Doctorants -1.

9. Research workers -7.

10. Graduaters -216.

11. Defending a thesis -1.

12. Scholar students -2.

Structure of the Faculty

-         Dean’ s office

-         Scientific council.

-         Educational-methodological council.

-         Chairs.

Primary education methodology –(doctors of science, docents-10, teachers 23)

Pre-school education methodology (doctors of science,professor-1, candidate of science -2, teachers-5)

Pedagogics-(doctors of science, docents-2, codidates-6, teachers-15)

Psychology (candidates of science, docents -3, teachers -9)

Educational directions -4.

5111700- primary education and educational work.

5111800- pre school education.

5110900- pedagogics and psychology.

5210200- psychology

Master’s speciality-3.

5A 141804- social pedagogics.

5A 141701 methodology and pedagogics of primary education.

5A110901- pedagogics.

Post graduate study -1.

130001- theory and history of pedagogics.

Laboratories -2.

Investigating laboratory “Afrosiyob”

Psychological   educational laboratory.

Social organization- women’s council, fond “Nuroniy”

Faculty council , teachers council; fond “kamolot”   “ soglom avlod”

 History of the faculty.

For many centuries a great number of spiritual – education scholar and pedagogic personals       have been carrying out their activities the Faculty of Pedagogics is one of the famous faculties at the Samarkand State University.

The Faculty was established on the basis of Pedagogical Institute after Sadriddin Ayniy in 1966 under the name:

“Pre- school   and primary aducation methodology”

After joining the Institute of Pedagogics to Samarkand State University there were still the faculty of pedagogics .The graduaters consisted during these years; in the day time -6000, evening department -1350, external-3000.

The followings were deans of the faculty during the years;

Sh. Mahmatmurodov-1989-2001,2005-2007.

H. Ibragimov -2001-2004      

U. Tashkenboev-2004-2005.

U. Zohidov -2007-2008.

H. Nazarov-2008-2009.

M. Kadirov-2009-2010.

T. Kurbanov - 2010 - 2015

Since 2015 the dean of the faculty is Saidov A.

In 1994- the faculty of psychology was opened and for some reasons was closed again, In 2009 this faculty was reorganized again and nowadays the students study in the direction-5210200.

There are 4 chairs at the faculty:

1.Pedagogics- the head is prof. K. Hasanova.

2.Psychology-the head is docent A. Saidov.

3.Primary education methodics-the head is docent F.Shodiev.

4.Pre- school education methodics-the head is docent B. Doniev.

The faculty has a great history and the following contributed of being this faculty an educational and scientific centre:

Academician I Muminov, A.M. Bahovuddinov, A.A.Selihanovich, A.A.kozirov, K.Bendrikov,B.M.Dobrinichenco, I.M.Krasnabaev, P.I. Ivanov, A.R. Lyriya, P.I. Liventiev, A.S. Efimov, A. Ganiev, S. Bozorov, H. Abdurahimova, X. Xurramov, S. rahimov, T.Abayeva, M. Fattoyev, N.Kovalenko.

On base of pedagogical chair prof.Shodiev .N. built up a scientific school of pedagogic   scholars.

For preparing scientific-pedagogic staff,developing educational level of the youth in 2004 N. Shodiev was granted with a prize “Samarkand State University”.

The chair of psychology was rearganired in 1980 and began working independently.

            Docent S.Rahimov, doc. M.Halilov headed the chair. Nowadays docent A.Saidov is the head of the chair.

            The most important and famous scientists of the chair are:

Sherbayev, Abayeva, Gigoreva, M.Halilov, Otavaliyeva, Ortikov, A. Abduahadov, J. Masharipov, S. Musinov.

            Members of the chair published a lot of scientific works as:

            “Methods of studying and developing knowing activity”

            “Methods of studying teachers` spirit” (E. Iskandarov), “Definition of some psychological terms” (K. Daminov), “Methodology and theory of national ederation” (M. Kurbonov).

            During the years of Independence a lot of chanyes can be seen at the faculty. 4 next chairs were established there. Nowadays at the chair of primary eduration methodics. 33 teachers professors, 10 docents and candidates of science, 23 teachers leading their activities,

            Members of the chair collaborating with Educational Istablishments in the region. Educational and methodological publications in the connection with results of experiments, on the new pedagogic technologies are held at school.

            On November 2011 chair of Pre school education methodies was reorganized. It is the youngest chair in the faculty. Prof. M. Makhmudova, doc, B.Doniyev, doc. H. Yusupov are considered as leading scientists of pre school education. These scientists doing scientific researches, on the problems of education at school giving recommendations. They put into practice in finding new methods in developing school children`s world outlook, insnuct them to labour.

 Scientific researches

            The main directions are considered to put experiments, giving suggestions, study screntific directions in pedagogics, psychology, primary and pre school education at the faculty.

            The subjects of the 4 chairs devoted the quality of the personells, to implement new pedagogical technologies in higher education and psychology.

 Directions of investigations

            2 professors, 6 candidates, 10 research workers, 5 Ph. D. students and 2 doctorants are doing a research work on the subject “Pedagogical – psychological preconditions of educating the young generation spiritual-morally”.

Aims and tasks

            To carry out scientific researches on the factors and methods of national education.

            To create methods of a highly educated person:

-        To create and use of tender education in pre school educational establestiments.

-        To study the problems of ethnopedagogics education.

-        Prepare recommendations in the usage of good feelings in the family.

-        Study the problems of developing social imaginations about the family among the young generation.

-        Carry out scientific investigations about developing artictic capafility of school children.

-        To create and use educational professional abilities based on project lessons.

-        To provide and use social protection of the youth in labour.

-        Create the usage of new pedagogical technologies in education.

Prepare recommendations about using new pedagogical technologies.

            “Develop the humane and national spirits on the basis of pedagogy and psychology”. In this subject 4 candidates of science,7 research workers are doing their best.

The main problems

-        To carry out scientific research on the factors and methods of national education.

-        To create and use the tender education in pre-school educational establishments.

-        Create basis of psychological development of healthy, creative thinking of youth.

-        Point out the role of solving psychological problems in the fictions literature.

-        Create and prepare recommendations in finding met hods of ecological cultural developments of the students.

1-doctor of science, 2 candidates of science and 4 research workers are working on the Basis of developing world outlook and knowledge of the pre-school children.

Developing the know ledge of pre-school children.

Prepare mothodologicals with new pedagogical technologies at the educational establishments and train them to make stories.

Give recommendations about preparing the children to tests.

Give recommendations about learning by heart and remember it long.

Greate unsual methods of education:

Giving recommendation about carrying out the lesson with new methods.

Give recommendation and prepare important pedagogical experiments in training specialists.

Educational-methodical branch

The main tasks in teaching and studying is connected with the saw of ‘’ about education “and

“national program of training the spealists”

Providing with text-books,create e-mail and multimedia text-books,to carry out the lessons with new pedagogical technologies,and use information technologies make the lesson essential.The following educational literature is created by the scie)n tists of the faculty:K.Hasanova-Basis of the Pedagogical.Theory –Text book (2008).History of Pedagogies. Text book (2006) Pedagogical anthology (2009) H.Shodiyev “Prepare the students for spiritual educational activity”. Monography (2008),   New pedagogical Technologies (2005). Preparing the students for rural school children 91979). Teaching the students to choose a profession (1987) Theory and methods of professional directions (1986) method of test theary (1998). Problems in Pedagogies and tasks (2004). Spirituality at school and national education .Kurbanov.M. (1995) Physiology of youth aaaaand hygiene (2010) Shiirinkulov . Pedagogical Konflikthology (2010). Scientists of the faculty created more than 50 educational methodological codddes of laws in different subjects                                                                                      


Docent S.Musinov and M.Ashurov created a state grant program in “Psychology is the loboratory of scientific research” and sent for expert . Head of the programmis T. Kurbanov.

Scientists of the faculty created more than 50 educational methodological codes of laws in different subjects.

S.Otakulova (2010), N. Hhujamkulova (2011),S.Nosirova, D.Sultonova achieved the higher scholarships (grant ) of famous people.

Tukhtayeva.R. and Khudayberdiyeva .F . were among the competitions in Andijan “Universiada 2010”

Plans for future.

To open Post graduate and masters courses,get educational grants, organize a scientific seminars among the specialists of higher educationalestablishments, organize a psychological assistant centre in the region.    

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