Address: 140104, University blv. 15, Samarkand сity, Samarkand region, Uzbekistan



Samarkand State University plays great role in recognizing as a centre of science and culture for all over the world. Nowadays SamSU is one of the oldest and largest higher educational establishments, though it was officially inaugurated as the University beginning of the 20th century but it's roots go back down to the Ulughbek's period. Samarkand State University begins from Ulughbek's period (15th century).

Temurids, who were the representatives of science, spirit and culture based on for development of science and education in Mavaraunnahr region, especially, in Samarkand city.

At numerous madrassahs which were built by Great Amir Temur, his children and grandchildren were taught both religious and natural subjects. They were real contras of science and education. A. Temur’s favourite grandson Mukhammad Taragay Ulughbek established his scientific school and its glory is recognized throughout the scientific world up today.

Ulughbek established the first real Academy of Sciences including Ulughbek madrssai-oliya and the famous observatory. Popular scientists as Abdurakhmon Jami, Ali Kushchi, Mavlono Nafis Samarkandi, Badakhshiy started their activity in "Almamater". Later on they taught students there. The representatives of Mirzo Ulughbek's astronomic school Giyosiddin Koshiy, Jamshid ibn Masud, Kozi-Zoda Rumi, Ali Kushchi, Mukhammad Khavofiy taught natural sciences as geography, mathematics, astronomy and others. Most part of Timurids educational traditions were existing the end of XIX century.

Tashkent National University was organized in 1918. The country felt necessity personnel of different spheres in January 3, 1927. The government issued special degree to establish High Pedagogical Institution in Samarkand. At first, there were departments of social-political sciences, physics, techniques, natural sciences and politology. Though the official date of formation of Samarkand State University was 1921, but is reality, it’s roots go back to Mirzo Ulughbek's epoch. The evident demonstration of this is the monography of the well-known scientist Boturkhan Valikhodjaev “The madrassai Samarkand State University is approved to be the immediate successor of "Madiassai Oliya" of Mirzo Ulughbek, which was founded in 1420. This scientific conclusion makes us sure, that Samarkand State University is one of the ancient Higher Educational institution, not only in Central Asia, but also in whole Eurasian continent.

In 30th the University was turned into Uzbek Pedagogical Academy named after Akmal Ikromov and since 1933 it had been called the Uzbek State University. In 1941 when the 500th anniversary of the famous uzbck poet and thinker Alisher Navoi was celebrated the university was titled after his name. Well-known national enlighteners Abdurauf Fitrat, Gazi Olim Yusupov, Saidrasul Azizi joined M. Abdukasimov. V.Abdullaev, I. Muminov, M. Sobirov, U. Tursunov, R. Iskandarov, A. Yakubov, J. Kabulov and others were educated at this institution.

Our educational Institution during it's activity prepared more than 100 thousand highly qualified specialists: Ibragim Muminov, Sulton Umarov, Akbar Adkhamov, Ubay Oripov, Yakhya Gulomov, Alauddin Bagaddinov, Vokhid Abdullaev, Toshpolat Shirinkulov, Botirkhon Valikhodjaev, Mukhsin Ashurov, Said Shermukhammedov, Shavkat Vokhidov and famous writers and poets as Hamid Olimjon, Usmon Nosir, Sharof Rashidov, Askar Mukhtor, Borot Boykobilov. Dushan Fayziy and many others. Many famous writers, poets, scientist, statesmen and political figures graduated from this University.

During these years some faculties were separated from this University and became independent higher educational Institutions, such as, Samarkand Institute of agriculture, medical, cooperative, pedagogical institute and Institute of foreign languages. Today's development of our High Education Institution and its history is connected with the names of N. Merkulovich, K. Abdullaev. A. Valieva, Kh. Fayzullaev, M. Muminov, R. Olimjonov, K. Zakirov, A. Tolaganov, E. Turakulov, A. Atakhodjaev, Sh. Alimov, M. JurakuIov, T. Muminov, J. Sattarov, T. Shirinov, A. Khalmukhamedov, R. Khalmuradov, who were the Rectors of Samarkand State

University in different years. On August 31,1991, when Uzbekistan proclaimed its independence, remained as an unforgettable day. On that day dream of our people, the sorrow of thousands who gave their life for independence came true. From the first day of independence, there began drastic changes in the life of the nation. These historic changes entrusted Samarkand State University with responsibility and quite new tasks. During the last ten years of independence SamSU's educational scientific and spiritual activities renewed essentially.

There are twelve faculties, which train professional specialists, improve their professional skills. There is also an Academic Lyceum and other institutions and scientific research laboratories, modem computer classrooms and museums. For the last ten years the students of our University are regularly taking part in the Republic and world sports competitions. University students became world champions and there are about ten prize winners, participants of international Olympic Games, more than 10 champions of Asian Games, more than 80 champions of Uzbekistan, champions of the Student's Games. There are more than 10 thousand students, who study at the bachelor and master's degree courses.

The training languages are Uzbek, Tajik and Russian. More than 800 professors form the academic staff of the University. The are more than 13000 students taught at Bachelor's (more than 301 and Master's (40) programs at the University.