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"The religion-time requirement to preserve the purity of a round table discussion on the theme"


State Department "Pedagogy of the Faculty of Education at the University of" on July 6  with the participation of teachers, students and undergraduates of the department of President hosannahs "Social stability, to preserve the purity of our holy religion-time requirement "The report of the panel discussion was held. Speaking at the event, dean of the faculty dots.Sh.Maxmatmurodov Office of the President Sh.Mirziyoev Muslim leaders, religious leaders, "Aeons" and "Local" funds, the Women's Committee, "Camelot", activists, representatives of local authorities, law enforcement agencies, science science and culture representatives, educational institutions, with the participation of representatives of the speech explained the essence to the audience.Events report Narziqul Shodiev professor and head of the

department dots.K.Hasanovas report also noted that the report mentioned issues and their solutions, share their thoughts on the show wakeup call.

The chair emphasized that the professor-teacher is going to bring the essence of the event during the holidays to the people living in the regions.