Address: 140104, University blv. 15, Samarkand сity, Samarkand region, Uzbekistan

Secretary of the Samarkand State University

Boltaev Mardonkul

  • Qabul vaqti: Tuesday - Friday (14-00 - 16-00)
  • Telefon: (8 366)239-17-63
  • Elektron pochta:

He was born in 1958 in Samarkand province.
He graduated from Samarkand State University in 1980, a philologist-teacher.
1975-1980 y- Samarkand State University of Uzbekistan and Tajik Cultural Institute.
1980-1990 y- Samarkand State University, Department of Uzbek Language and Literature, lecturer of history, linguistics, history teacher, senior lecturer.
1990-1993 y- Samarkand is a teacher of the chair of the Uzbek language between the Universities.
1993-2008 - Senior Lecturer, Department of Applied Linguistics, Methodology of Teaching Uzbek Language and Literature, Samarkand State University.
2008-2015 - Samarkand State University, Department of Political Science, Uzbek Language and Literature.
2009-2016 - Samarkand State University (head office) at Samarkand State University.
2015-2017 - Teacher of the Uzbek Language and Literature at Samarkand State University, Senior Teacher of the Department of Teaching Methods of Uzbek Language and Literature.
From March 2017- The secretary of the Academic Council of Samarkand State University.

The Academic Council of the University is based on the provisions of the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On Education" and "On the National Program of Personnel Training" and the Regulations issued by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan on December 3, 2011 № 487 "Standard Regulations on Academic Council of Higher Education" Are offered.
The scientific council consists of the rector of the university, the deans of the faculties, the deans of the faculties, the heads of the independent organizations and networks of the university, the heads of certain departments, heads of military departments, heads of some departments of the university, heads of public organizations, Directors of ALs under their positions. In addition, other members of the Academic Board are elected by secret ballot at the general assembly of the faculty. The term of the Academic Council is 5 years.
The purpose of the Scientific Council is to ensure the intellectual potential, scientific, pedagogical and other opportunities of the university community in ensuring the implementation of the tasks set out in the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On Education" and the "National Program for Personnel Training", with excellent knowledge, qualifications, Professional councils. The meetings of the scientific council are held on the basis of the plan and made out by the protocol. The protocols shall be signed by the Chairman of the Scientific Council and the Scientific Secretary. The decisions of the Academic Council come into force after approval of the university rector.

The scientific goals and objectives of the council.

The purpose of the Scientific Council is to ensure the intellectual potential, scientific, pedagogical and other opportunities of the university community in ensuring the implementation of the tasks set out in the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On Education" and the "National Program for Personnel Training", with excellent knowledge, qualifications, training of professionals. 5. Samarkand State University's Scientific Council:
- Under the National Training Program, it examines the strict implementation of the state educational standards, curricula and programs, and sets out recommendations and recommendations on priority issues;
- the rector of the faculty on studying, scientific research and spiritual-enlightenment work, about academic lyceums, activity of scientific societies on the university, about acceptance of the acceptance commission, and also about the marketing service needs of the national economy for graduates, cooperation with customer organizations Commissions made by the commissions are responsible for reporting and making appropriate decisions;
- Discussion of the work done by university professors and teachers in collaboration with general, secondary, vocational education;
- reports on monitoring of job placement, based on the needs of the university graduates;
- receives information about university receptions;
- research and development, research and teaching staff, teaching staff of the teaching staff; - organizing and conducting training programs of the university;
- approves the annual and final curriculum of higher education, provides financial and technical support and approves the results of the financial and economic activity;
- Makes decisions on the issues of opening or discontinuing faculties and departments, as well as on the establishment or suspension of training of new bachelor's and master's specialties, taking into account the proposals of marketing services;
- In accordance with the Regulation "On the order of recruiting pedagogues on a competitive basis to the higher educational institutions" conducts competitions for the position of the chair, competitions for professorial-teaching staff;
- The professor reviews the documents of the employees recommended for the degree of the associate professor and submits them for approval to the academic title in accordance with the established procedure;
 - discusses and defines measures to ensure that university graduates and faculty members have the knowledge of foreign languages and build basic skills in computer technology, internet access;
- Provides the educational process with textbooks, discusses the issues of preparation and publication of new generation textbooks and manuals, monographs, and teaching-methodological complexes based on the application of innovative educational technologies;
- Candidates nominate candidates for major scientific-research institutes, approve themes of individual plans and dissertations;
- recommends candidates for gifted students and professors and teachers to pass internships at foreign universities through "Istedod" funds;
- nominates candidates for the Presidential Scholarships and State Scholarships from among the talented students and masters of the University;
- in cooperation with the Fund "Healthy Generation" develops measures to improve students' physical education and health;
- The principal customer will discuss issues of development of corporate cooperation with organizations, enterprises and institutions, strengthening material and technical basis, completing and completing annual qualification practice of students and elaborating recommendations on their implementation;
- makes decisions on establishing partnerships with foreign higher educational institutions;
- Reports of professors and teachers who are abroad on scientific journals;
- Making decisions on opening branches of the department, establishing contacts with higher educational institutions of foreign countries, jointly with branch institutes of the Academy of Sciences;
- recommends creative holidays for completion of research, textbooks and monographs;
- adopts consensual decisions that listen to the reports of managers of small businesses, firms and courses involved in educational services;
- provides information on the technical aspects of technical safety of university staff;
- Initiatives of State Registration and Debt Consortium

Structure of scientific counsil of Samarkand State University

  1. Khalmuradov Rustam Ibragimovich - Rector
  2. Eshtaev Alisher Abduganievich - Pro-rector for spiritual and educational work
  3. Vice Rector for Educational Affairs -
  4. Kholikov Abduvali Gonizovich - Pro-rector on scientific work
  5. Ermamatov Shonazar Jumakulovich - Pro-rector for Economics and Finance
  6. Islamov Bostan Sultonovich - Pro-rector on work with AL and KHK
  7. Muminov Tolib Musaevich Ph.D.- advisor on Nuclear Physics
  8. Rashidov Tursunboy Rashidovich - Theoretical and practical mechanics. Professor-consultant
  9. Ashurov Muhsinjon Hurramovich - Theoretical physics and quantum electronics c. Professor-consultant
  10. Tokhtauev Hayrulla - Chairman of the Trade Union Committee
  11. Boltaev Mardonkul - University Secretary of Scientific Council
  12. Pardaev Islam Rahmonovich - Head of monitoring and monitoring department
  13. Khushvaktov Judge
  14. Abdulhakovich Head of the Educational and Methodical Department
  15. Nosirov Mukhtar Head of International Relations Department
  16. Jurakulov Mavlon Jurakulovic - Chairperson of the Council of Elders
  17. Ruzimurodov Haydar Holmuradovich - Head of the department of magistracy
  18. Chairman of the Primary Organization of the Women's Committee
  19. Ataxadzhaeva Dilyara Khoshimovna - Head of Personnel Department
  20. Indiaminov Nuriddin Nazarovich - Regional Center for Regional Development and Retraining
  21. Alimova Dilbar Halimovna - in Russian philology faculty
  22. Umidullaev Shuhrat Ubaydullaevich - Dean of the Socio-Economic Faculty
  23. Mahmatmuradov Shavkat - Dean of Pedagogical faculty
  24. Eshbirov Rashid Majidovich - Dean of the Faculty of Physics
  25. Keldiyorov Hudoyor Otamuradovich - Dean of the Faculty of Biology and Chemistry
  26. Holmatov Normuhammad Urazovich - Dean of History faculty
  27. Eshniyozov Olimjon Ismoilovich - Dean of the Faculty of Vocational Education
  28. Begmatov Akram Hasanovich - Dean of Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty
  29. Kipchoqov Bahodir Bahriddinovich - Dean of the Faculty of Physical Education
  30. Eltazarov Juliboy Donaboevich - Dean of the Faculty of Philology
  31. Ahatov Akmal Rustamovich - Amali, Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics
  32. Abbosov Subhon Burhonovich - Dean of the Faculty of Geography and Ecology
  33. Hamrayev Jumakul Hamroyevich - Head of the Department of Tajik Language and Literature
  34. Halikulov Shodikul Turdikulovich - Head of Hydrometeorology Department
  35. Qodirov Mumin Kadirovich - Chair of Astronomy
  36. Eshnazarov Jurakul Eshnazarovich - Head of the Department of Theory and Methods of Physical Culture
  37. Yafshilikov Juraboy Yakhrylicovich - Head of the Department of National Idea, Philosophy and Fundamentals of Spirituality
  38.  Abdurahmonov Ergash - Head of Analytical Chemistry Department
  39. Ikramov Israil Akramovich - Head of the Mathematical Analysis Department
  40. Nabiev Farhod Hamidovich - Head of the Department of Social Sciences
  41. Khojayarov Bakhtiyor - Matem. Modeling and complex programming department
  42. Ishniyazova Shahnoza Ashurovna - Head of Russian and Foreign Literature Department
  43. Salohiddinova Musharraf Isomiddinova - Head of Psychology Department
  44. Touizov Nurillo - Head of the Department of Labor Education
  45. Jurayev Bakhodir - Military Head of the Department
  46. Muhiddinov Muslihiddin Kutbiddinovich - Professor of the Department of History of Literature, Faculty of Philology
  47. ​​Hodjaev Joharul Khodjaevich - Professor of the Department of Botany and Plant Physiology, Faculty of Biology and Chemistry
  48. Muqimov Ziyodullo Yusupovich - Professor of the Department of Legal Education at the Faculty of History
  49. Kuvandikov is a professor of General Physics Department of Oblonged Physics
  50. Abulkasimov Ali - Geography and Ecology, Hydrometeorology Department, prof.
  51. Jumanov Israil Ibragimovich - Applied Mathematics and Informatics Faculty Information Technology. Professor of the department
  52. Soliev Akhmadjon Solievich - Mechanical-mathematical faculty algebra and geom. Cuff Professor
  53. Ryasnyanskaya Raisa Abdullaevna - The Russian philology faculty is Russian linguistics chair. Docent
  54. Turaev Bahodir Hotamovich - Social economics. Faculty of economics theory. Professor
  55. Nuriddinova Maysara Ikromovna - Pedagogical Faculty of elementary education methodology senior lecturer.
  56. Oblonazarov Fahriddin Asadovich - The teacher of sports chair of physical culture and faculty of physical culture
  57. Ergashev Abdurashid - Vocational Education Faculty, Department of Music Education Professor
  58. Tukhtayev Husan - is the leader of "Kamolot" YPC
  59. Abiev Ne'mat - Director of the academic lyceum No 1
  60. Kuziyev Zafar - Director of the 2nd academic lyceum