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Head of department

Kholikulov Shodi Turdikulovich

1964-1969  -Student of Samarkand State University;
1969-1970 - Head of Cabinet, Kashkadarya State Institute for Advanced Studies;
1970-1974 - Teacher, departments of geography of Karshi Pedagogical Institute;
1974-1978 - PhD student, Junior Researcher, Research Institute of Soil Science and Agrochemistry;
1978-1997 - Senior Researcher, Assistant teacher, Associate Professor of the Department of Soil Science and melioration of the Samarkand Agricultural Institute;
1997-1997 - Professor of the Department of Plant Physiology and Microbiology of  Samarkand State University;
1997-2001 – Dean, Faculty of Soil Science and Ecology of Samarkand State University;
2001-2004 - Vice-rector for scientific work of Samarkand State University;
2004-2011 – Rector, Samarkand Agricultural Institute;
2011-2015 – Professor, Department of Hydrometeorology and Landscape Science of Samarkand State University;
2016-2020 - Head, Department of Hydrometeorology of Samarkand State University;
2020- present – Head, Department of Soil Science and Agrotechnology of Samarkand State University.

History of the Department of Soil Science and Agrotechnology

The department of Soil Science was organized at the Faculty of Biology and Soil Science of Samarkand State University in 1953. During these years professors D.M.Kuguchkov, H.H.Khamdamov, associate professors S.A.Agisheva, G.A. Danov, S.V. Kigai and others worked at the department. They conducted a number of studies on topical topics in soil science. O.Komilov, I. Bobokhodjaev, U. Matkarimov graduated from this faculty, who later became prominent scientists and teachers in the field of soil science. They are study a great contribution to the development of soil science in Uzbekistan.

The educational direction in Soil science at Samarkand State University was re-organized in 1996 at the Faculty of Soil Science and Ecology. As part of this faculty, the Department of Soil Science was reorganized, the first head of the department was Associate professor (docent) U.M.Matkarimov, then Associate Professor (docent) T.K.Ortikov and Professor Sh.T.Kholikulov. In 2000, the Faculty of Soil Science and Ecology merged with the Faculty of Biology and the Department of Soil Science existed until 2009 as part of the Faculty of Biology as a department graduating specialists. The department was provided with highly qualified personnel, in a short time four employees of the department completed their scientific work and successfully defended their candidate's work. At that time, an academician, 2 professors, 3 candidates of sciences, associate professors and 7 assistants worked at the department. The activities of the department in these years are associated with the merits of academician D.S.Sattarov, professors P.U.Uzokov, Sh.T.Kholikulov, associate professors U.M.Matkarimov, T.K.Ortikov, M.K.Abdurakhimov, assistants D.Eshmurodov, T.Ch.Goziev, I.N.Bobobekov, S.B. Pardaev, N.Usmonov, Sh.D. Oblakulov, D. Faiziev.

During this period, along with teaching soil science, the teachers of the department carried out scientific research on actual topics. At the same time, several projects have been completed for practical and innovative grants.

From 1996 to 2007, the department had a magistracy in two specialties: 5A620101-Soil Science and 5A620103-Agrosoilscience and Agrophysics, and highly qualified scientific specialists and teachers were trained.

On the basis of the university of the newly created faculty "Agrobiotechnology and food safety" in 2020, the department of Soil Science and Agrotechnology was organized. The head of the department is professor Sh.T.Kholikulov, and a professor, 3 associate professors, 2 senior teachers, a doctor of philosophy (PhD) and an assistant work in the department. The department conducts classes in the subjects "Soil Science", "Methods of Scientific Research in Soil Science", "Soil and Agroecology", "Ecology of Soil and Landscapes", " Soil Chemistry", " Soil biology", "Soil Science and Geology", "Soil physics”, “Soil assessment and mapping”, “Meliorative soil science and soil protection”, “Agriculture”, “Melioration”, “Agrometeorology”, “Crop production”, “Mechanization and automation of agriculture ”.

 Currently, the department conducts additional research in postgraduate and doctoral studies in the field of soil science and plant growing. Several qualified specialists were trained in this direction. In the future, it’s planned to open PhD studies in the areas of "Agrosoilscience and agrophysics", "General agriculture". At the same time, the department has a master's program in soil science, where highly qualified modern personnel in soil science necessary for science and education of Uzbekistan are trained. The department has established training in all areas of soil science.

Professor Sh, T. Kholikulov, professor M.K. Abdurakhimov and Associate Professor T.K. Ortikov are members of scientific seminars and scientific councils in the field of soil science and plant growing. The book "Soil Science", published by Professor Sh, T. Kholikulov in co-authorship is considered the main textbook on soil science in the republic.

The department conducts a many of topical and demanded by the practice of agriculture scientific research on soil science, agriculture(arable farming), crop production, mechanization and automation of agriculture. These studies are carried out on the following topics:

  • Technology of utilization of municipal solid waste and the preparation of compost from them;
  • Humus and microbiological state of the soil and the influence of natural and anthropogenic factors on them;
  • Problems of soil pollution with heavy metals and ways to prevent it;
  • Problems of soil mulching and its impact on agrophysical and agrochemical properties of soil;
  • Water properties of soil and the possibility of managing them in arid conditions, drip irrigation and its effect on the water regime of the soil;
  • Use of equipment with high lateral stability in the mechanization of agriculture on the foothill slopes of Uzbekistan;
  • Use of resource-saving technologies when sowing wheat on the aisles of cotton;
  • Development of energy- and resource-saving technologies and technical means of sowing seeds of phytomeliorative plants while improving desert pastures of Uzbekistan.
  • These research works contribute to increasing soil fertility, improving ameliorative and ecological and optimization of soil properties and regimes.

         The department has established scientific and practical cooperation with universities of the republic and foreign educational institutions, and together with them, joint research and educational systems is carried out. Such universities are the National University of Uzbekistan, Research Institute of Soil Science and Agrochemistry, Tashkent State Agrarian University, St. Petersburg State University, Moscow State University, Moscow Agricultural Academy (TSKHA), Nizhne-Novgorod Agricultural Academy, Belgorod State University, University of Bologna ( Italy), University of Nevada (USA), University of Ankara (Turkey).