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Head of the department

Khasanov Shavkat

  • Reception days: every day from 14:00 to 16:00
  • Phone number: +99891 551-73-22
  • Email:

  • In 1967- he was born in Bukhara region, Shafirkan district, Denov village.
  • In 1983- graduated the faculty of Philology of Uzbek and Tadjik of SamSU
  • 1985-1987-served in the Army
  • 1990-1991-worked in the publishing house named  “Yozuvchi” as a proof-reader and an editor in Tashkent
  • 1991-1993-an assistant  in the chair of The literature of kindred people and theory of literature at SamSU
  • In 1993-a member of Writers association
  • In 1995-read thesis on the theme “ Uzbek dramatic poem”  in the special meeting under Sam SU for a Ph D degree
  • In 2004-defended a thesis for a Doctor’s degree on the theme “ Poetics of  Uzbek  epic poems of the second half of the 20th “
  • 2002-2004-head of the department of editing in SamSU
  • 2004-2011-docent of the    chair of Modern Uzbek literature in SamSU
  • 2011-2014- the dean of the faculty of Uzbek philology in SamSU
  • In 2014-professor of the chair Uzbek language and literature of the faculty Uzbek Philology in SamSU
  • In 2017-currently is working as the head of the chair of Literature of independence period and theory of literature of the faculty Uzbek philology in SamSU

The chair is one of the the first chairs of SamSU. It was associated in 1927 under the name "History of Uzbek literature". Contributions of literary critics as Fitrat, Ayniy, Saady, Abdullaev, Sharafiddinov had great significance in the foundation of the chair. In 1984 a chair named " Modern Uzbek literature" came out of this chair. From the year 2015-2016 it was combined under the name "The chair of Uzbek language and literature". And since 2017 it has been functioning with the name " Literature of independence period and theory of literature". A number of literally critics made a success who worked during various years in the chair. "Introduction to literature"  by N. Shukurov, " History of modern Uzbek literature" by S. Mirzaev, "Theory of literature", "Principles of creative work", "Theory of literary criticism" by H. Umurov are the examples of success which are being applied as manuals in higher educational establishments of our republic. From the very beginning the members of the chair have been performing their pedagogical activity together with researching and gaining success. Seven literary critics of Samarkand region worked on doctorial thesis upon modern Uzbek literature and defended in various years. They are Orif Ikramov (1970), Saadulla Mirzaev (1973), Nuriddin Shukurov (1973), Rakhim Mukimov (1975), Hotam Umurov (1984), Shavkat Kudratov (1986), Israil Mirzaev (1991), Shavkat Khasanov (2004) and Abdurakhim Soliev (2012). Also, in different years with the help of the chair more than 60 postgraduates and young researchers defended their dissertations . Majority of them made contributions in the Science and Education of our country working in different universities, higher educational establishments, editing house, for newspapers and magazines.

The chair: Today and In the future

The professors of the chair are working in this establishment meeting the requirements of today's life. The books, manuals, textbooks, handbooks  that are being composed by the chair are based on new pedagogical technologies. Currently, there are 3 doctors of science, professors, 3 doctors of philosophy, 1 docent, 3 lecturers and 1 teacher which make a total number of 8 professors are working. A. Nosirov, U.Qobilov and M. Davronov are researching on their dissertations.   The circles “Shalola”, "Yosh adabiyotshunos" under the chair are improving day by day. The members of the circles are being awarded participating in the special events of the University or along the country. One of the ambitions of the chair is to support those who are currently working on their dissertations. The dissertations named "The genre of short story in Uzbek literature and its significance " by A. Toshpulatov and "Chronicle poetics in Uzbek literature" by D. Khursanov are being worked on.

At present time, the chair has associated a library consisting artistic and scientific books. This library is being used by all the students of the faculty. The shelves are inundated with the books of independence ideology. Further expansion of books is being expected.