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Head of the department

Khasanov Aknazar Bekdurdievich

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The Department of Differential Equations and Geometry was founded in 1961. Since 1971, the department is divided into departments of differential equations and geometry. In 1994, the Department of Differential and Mathematical Equations was created as a result of the unification of the departments of differential equations and mathematical physics. In 2010, the Department of Differential Mathematical Equations of Physics and the Department of Higher Mathematics and Innovative Technologies continued their work under the name of the Department of Differential Equations.

Д_У_1 (7)11Heads of the department: prof. Khairulla Narzullaevich Narzullaev (1961-1971), prof. Shahobiddin Rakhmatovich Sharipov (1972-1994), prof. Sharof Yarmuhammedovich Yarmukhammedov (1994-1997), prof. Akram Khaidarovich Haydarov (1997-2010), prof. Akram Hasanovich Begmatov (2010-2014), associate professor Zarifjon Husenovich Ochilov (2014-2016), associate professor. Ziyedulla Malikov (2016-2017). Prof. Aknazar Beturdievich Khasanov has been the head of the department since 2017.

Over the years, the department conducted classes in analytical geometry, differential equations, differential geometry, equations of mathematical physics, computational methods, higher mathematics, and other general courses. Currently, teachers of the department provide annual general courses for second-year students of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, Faculty of Physics on differential equations, physics, equations of mathematical physics for the third year, modern methods for solving boundary value problems for fourth year students. Every year, the department staff read general mathematics courses for the following faculties: chemical, biological, geography and ecology, economics and business, psychology and social sciences, and physical education.

The department carries out the training of specialists in the following direction of the magistracy: 5A130103 - mathematical physics and differential equations, and doctoral studies: 01/01/02 - differential equations and mathematical physics.

Currently, highly qualified professors A. B. Hasanov, A.H. Begmatov, A.Haydarov, T.Ishankulov, associate professors P.Ya. HodizodaYa. Mukhtorov, E. Zhumanov, Z. Malikov, Z.Kh. Ochilov, assistants D.Shodiev, F.R.Tursunov, Sh.M. Burkhanov A.V. Usmanov G.T. Yakubov, O. Mirzaev and U. Muminov.

Particular attention is paid to the training of scientific personnel in the department. On the basis of the department prepared more than 40 candidates of physical and mathematical sciences and 5 doctors of physical and mathematical sciences.

The faculty of the department conduct research on the theory of operators, integral and integro-differential equations, the theory of ordinary differential equations, the theory of ill-posed and non-classical problems of mathematical physics. The department cooperates with reputable foreign training centers. Established strong ties with scientists from universities and research institutes in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Kiev, Minsk. In recent years, strong ties have been established with scientists from Germany, England, America, Canada, China and South Korea.

We maintain close ties with scientists of universities of our country and scientific centers of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan. We conduct joint research with the staff of the Department of Differential and Mathematical Physics of the National University of Uzbekistan.

New results of the department are constantly discussed at seminars of the Mathematical Institute of the Academy of Sciences. Scientific articles are published in prestigious scientific journals. For example, in Russian Doklady RAS, Differential Equations, Fundamental and Applied Mathematics, Inverse and Ill-posed Problems, Siberian Mathematical Journal, Izvestiya RAS, Uzbek Mathematical Journal, DAN Uz And other magazines.

On the initiative of the staff of the department, international conferences were held in Samarkand in 1976, 1983, 1985, 1992, 1996, 2000, 2007, 2012 and 2014. Department staff are actively involved in such large-scale conferences. The scientists of the department are the author of more than 300 scientific works.

Employees of the department published 4 textbooks, 3 monographs, 7 textbooks and more than 20 teaching materials.

For many years, the department has been working on special courses on differential equations and equations of mathematical physics. In these courses, mixed problems for classical equations of mathematical physics, the theory of potentials, equations of mathematical physics, ordinary differential equations, problems of quality theory and asymptotic methods and their application are studied in depth.