Address: 140104, University blv. 15, Samarkand сity, Samarkand region, Uzbekistan


Department of Information Technology

Department of Methods of Optimal Control

Chair of Mathematical Modeling and Complex Programming

Department of Botany

Chair of Zoology

Department of Plant Physiology and Microbiology

Department of Human and Animal Physiology and Biochemistry

Department of Genetics and Biotechnology

Department of economics

Department of Economics

Human Resources Management and Business Department

Pedagogy and psychology of preschool education

Chair of Theory and Methodology of Preschool Education

Chair of Labor Training

Department of History of Classical Literature

Department of Uzbek Linguistics

Chair Theory of Literature and Literature of the Period of Independence

Department of Methods of Teaching Uzbek Language and Literature

Chair of Tajik Language and Literature

Department of General Physics

Chair of Optics

Chair of Solid State Physics

Department of Nuclear Physics

Chair of Theoretical Physics and Quantum Electronics

Department History of Uzbekistan

Chair of Archeology

Department of World History

Department of Historiography and Source Studies

Chair of Methods of primary education

Theory and practice of elementary education

Chair of Pedagogy

Chair Mathematical analysis

Chair Algebra in geometry

Chair of Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics

Department of Differential Equations

Department of Mathematical Physics and Functional Analysis

Chair Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

Department of Russian Linguistics

Department of Russian and Foreign Literature

Chair Russian language

Department English

Chair of Romano-Germanic Languages

Department of Sport Pedagogical Skills

Department of theory and methodic physicheskoy kultury

Faculty of Physical Education and Sport

Chair Methods of teaching sports kinds

Chair of Life Safety

Department of socio-economical geography

Chair Geography

Chair Hydrometeorology

Department of Ecology

Inorganic chemistry and materials science chair

Chair organic and bioorganic chemistry

Department of Analytical Chemistry

Physical chemistry of the department

Department of Psychology

Department of social sciences

Department of Civil Society and National Idea

Department of Philosophy

Engineering Graphics

Department of Music Education