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Samarkand State University Faculty of International Education Programs

The new Faculty of International Education Programs was established at Samarkand State University in 2019 with the purpose of preparing high-qualified professionals.

At the Faculty of International Education Programs Double Degree Programs have been organized in cooperation with leading universities of the developed countries, such as China, South Korea, Israel, Russia, Germany and USA. Preparations for specialization in 6 Bachelors and 4 Masters Degree Programs have been established in cooperation with Xian Jiaotong University and Shaanxi Normal University (China), Soon Chun Hyang University (South Korea), Holon Institute of Technology (Israel), Kiel University (Germany) and Stankin Moscow State Technology University (Russia). 171 students have been enrolled in the Faculty in the academic year of 2019-2020. Of these 149 are for the Bachelors and 22 for the Masters programs.

The education is undertaken at the Bachelors programs in the following courses: “History (by countries and regions)”, “Preschool education”, “Material science and technology of new materials”, “Applied mathematics and informatics”, “Mechatronics and robotics”. The first and second year of education will be held at Samarkand State University. After successful completion of the first two-years of study in the Bachelor’s program, students will get an opportunity to continue to the next stage of their studies at foreign partner universities. Students who successfully complete their studies at foreign universities will be awarded a double degree for their studies at the foreign partner university and Samarkand State University.

Four Master degree programs were established at the faculty in cooperation with foreign universities, namely, Kiel University (Germany), Stankin Moscow State Technology University (Russia), Shaanxi Normal University (China) and Utah State University (USA). Under the Master programs professionals are being trained in the following fields: “Mechatronics and robotics”, “Information and multimedia technologies”, “Psychology (Applied Psychology)” and “Ecology (rangeland ecology)”. The studies during the first year will take place at Samarkand State University and in the second year Master students will continue their education at a foreign partner university.

Highly qualified local and foreign professors and teachers are involved in the organization of effective and high level of educational programs at the Faculty. At present, 6 specialists from foreign partner universities are permanently working at the Faculty. In particular, 2 teachers from Shaanxi Normal University (China), 1 professor from Dehli University (India), and 2 teachers from South Korea and 1 teacher from Russia train our students. In the near future, we plan to increase the number of foreign professors to 20 for enhancing the educational programs of the Faculty.