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Dean of faculty

Mirzayev Rakhmatillo

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The Faculty of Social Economics started its activity with receiving 35 students under the Faculty of Applied Mathematics of Samarkand State University in 1992. On August 15, 1997, the Rector’s Order was announced to the establishment of independent “Faculty of Economics” at Samarkand State University. Initially, the faculty was called "Economy", the first dean of the faculty was prof. K. Saidov (1997-1999) and same year 30 young professionals graduated from the Economic Faculty, which were sent to various government agencies, finance, banking, customs and taxation systems.

The following Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degree programs taught at the faculty of social-economics: Bachelor’s degree: 5230100-Economics; Professional education: 511000-“Economics”, 5231700-“Human resources management”; 5520100-Social work; Master’s degree program: 5A230110-“Labor Economics”; 5A230101-“Economic theory”; 5A120503-“Ethics and Aesthetics”; PhD degree program: 080001-“Economic Theory”; 080010-“Demography Economics”.

There are five chairs at the faculty. They are: Economics, Human resources management, Economic theory, Social sciences, Theory and practice of building a democratic society in Uzbekistan.

From the years of independence, the academic schools are being created at the faculty. For example, prof. K.Saidov created a scientific school of management, professor B.Normuradov scientific schools of social work.

                The faculty of social economics is one of the leading faculties of the university and scientific researches aimed at reforming various spheres of national economy is carrying out by professor teachers of the faculty. Professors, professors and associate professors are working at the chair and teaching more than 700 students. There are 6 doctors of science, 25 candidates of science at the moment.

During the years of independence Islom Ergashev is awarded with President’s stipend,  Azzamov Dilnur “Navoi” and Erkinov Behbud are awarded with “Navoi” stipend.

                The Faculty of Social Economics is currently collaborating with the University of Bremen in Germany, Moscow State University of Russia, University of Keyyo Business administration in Japan, Lincoln University, Kazakh Academy of Transport and Communications, State Commercial University of Tajikistan, Thomas Bata University in UK.